Who we are

Due to its particular conformation as a flexible platform, for each project a different constellation of artists appear. To some of its projects the daily rhythms collective invites other artists to take part on the specific concept, this partners, become part of the platform during the development of the project.

 Daniela Brasil


Daniela is an artist and urbanist who has lived in Graz since 2010. She is interested in horizontal and emotional forms of exchanging knowledge and know-how. Her artistic practice focuses on exercises to unlearn hegemonic thoughts, behaviors and representations. She has curated and coordinated various extradisciplinary and collaborative projects in urban spaces, as “Aquatopia – the children’s research submarine – Graz/ Vienna 2013, “KoCA Inn” – Weimar 2009. Her teaching practice (currently in the IZK TUGraz) incites students to understand that learning is a self-designed and self-driven process. In order to achieve this, classes open up spaces for risk-taking adventures, including corporeal experiences and critical wanderings on daily issues. She holds a PhD and an MFA in public art from the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.


Nayari Castillo


Molecular Biologist and Artist (MFA Public Art and New Artistic Strategies, Bauhaus-Universität, Weimar, DE) living in Graz; using video, text, objects and photography as tools of communication, her installation work relies on specific constructs of traveling. Her interventions engage with history, time and space. She has participated in numerous collective and solo exhibits in cities like Berlin, Brussels, Mexico City, NY, Sarajevo, Seoul, Vienna among others. Has won multiple prizes and bursaries including the Bursary for the Arts of the city of Graz (AT) and the CIFO prize 2014, Miami (USA). Is mentioned in publications like: Suazo, F. “Panoramic of Emergent Art in Venezuela 2010-2012” | Boulton, M.T. ”21 Venezuelan Women Photographers” | Palenzuela, J.C. “Art in Venezuela. 1980-2005” | Castellote, A. “Open Maps: Latinamerican Photography 1991-2002”. She has attended various residencies worldwide including Skowhegan SPS (2009, USA).


Sara González Novi


Sara is interested in interdisciplinary, collaborative and sensitive practices. In most of her artistic works, space and context are strongly present and she looks for mechanisms to acknowledge and experience them. She explores different disciplines, such as performance, theater, installation, and representation. She studied Architecture in Barcelona and has lived in Graz since 2013.

Kate Howlett-Jones


Master’s in French and Russian literature and language at the University of Oxford. She is the author of many short stories and poems and is currently producing a novel. Since moving to Graz she has been active as a commentator, journalist and translator for the fields of visual art and architecture. In 2010 and in 2011 she was awarded an artist’s studio at the Rondo Atelier in Graz. She has co-organised and participated in readings and exhibitions including ‘Around the Block’ (June 2010), ‘Rondomat’ (December 2010), Rondorama (June 2011) and Round/about (December 2011), and worked on numerous collaborations, installations and performances. Alongside her writing, her body of work includes narrative and text artworks that investigate the dynamics of language, linguistics and translation embedded in everyday life and historical context, and which interact with spatial visualisation.


Maryam Mohammadi


Based in Austria since 2009. Freelance photographer in the field of documentation, stage photography and performance photography. (In 2010, she started her Ph.D. in photography at the Jan Evangelista Purkynê University (Faculty of Art and Design) in the Czech Republic. She lectured at the Azad Art and Archaeology University, Tehran. Since 2002, she has participated in numerous exhibitions in the field of art photography in Iran, France, Germany and Austria. In 2008 she was the only Iranian photographer to have an exhibition at the Photokina festival in Cologne. Her current focus is on gender, social issues and emigration—in particular the way women in different societies are faced with political and social situations, and how they challenge restrictions imposed by the state and other institutions. Her photographs demonstrate women’s responses to various forms of patriarchal attitudes.


Tuuli Sundén-Uusimäki


Graduated in Fine Arts with a focus on graphics from Turku Polytechnic (2004). Her work combines graphic techniques, illustration and bookbinding to generate situations that change the spatial perception of the observer. She has participated in numerous exhibitions including 2012 ‘Home sweet home’ at the KU Linz. In 2011 she was awarded a year studio at the Atelier Rondo, Graz and participated in the exhibitions ‘Rondorama’, ‘Contemporary views’ and ‘Round/ about’. When composing her artworks, she often draws on scientific studies as inspiration, reinterpreting theories into aesthetic abstractions with a critical twist.

Inka Ylikotila


Inka is a Finnish artist specialized in painting and installations, currently living and working in Graz. In her works she explores the harmony between beauty and the grotesque, sacred and dirt. Physicality and movement are also often present in her works. “When I work, I search for the state of flow. I explore the feeling when ego and rationality disappears and all that is left is rhythm and movement. I try to organize the experiences of dissolution.”