film_stillStill from the animation-project “MOVE” for

In “Move” the Daily Rhythms Collective presents a playful animation aiming to speak to a multigenerational audience. The short film is a metaphor on ideas of movement. These displacements, more than solely physical approaches, are imaginary or almost absurd dislocations, removing borders. This political idea insufflates the project with the powerful statement that we all, are rightful to move without impediment across all territories.

Concept: Daily Rhythms Collective

Illustrations: Inka Ylikotila

Background Design: Tuuli Súnden Uusimäki

Camera and editing: Nayarí Castillo

Fix-Photo: Maryam Mohammadi

Actresses: Marie Aimetti (as the giraffe), Daniela Brasil (as the toucan), Nayarí Castillo (as the owl), Sara González Novi (as the Zebra), Maryam Mohammadi (as the tiger), Bernadette Moser (as the cat), Tuuli Súnden Uusimäki (as the fox), Inka Ylikotila (as the gorilla).

Invited artists: Marie Aimetti and Bernadette Moser