Our commitment

The Daily Rhythms Collective uses art methodologies and sensitive cartographies to map Graz and so understand the best ways to create an inclusive city. An Inclusive City means urban space, both literal and figurative, that is open and welcoming to everyone, regardless of their age, needs, heritage or background.

Our mission is to favor inclusion.We do this through public art, exhibitions, installations in public space, workshops, talks and roundtables, collaborations, historical investigations, and publications, among other activities.

A basic principle of our work is that integration is essentially not about adaptation and assimilation, or about a compromise between differences. Rather, both the theory and process of integration are about exchange: a two-way phenomenon leading to the dynamic synthesis of new ideas.

It also indicates a positive, practical approach to achieving inclusion and mutual exchange that is woven into the fabric of the city at all levels. Integration is understood in a broad sense as covering many groups of people and many areas of inclusion in city life. It is not just about immigration, but is a concept of active inclusion that covers people with disabilities, people with special needs, and other groups of people who can find themselves excluded from city life. Mutual exchange can be promoted very effectively by using elements of art to understand daily life.